About Me

I am a fully qualified certified Reflexology Therapist with a caring approach.

I have worked for many years in the Health care field.  I have always believed in helping people to live better emotionally, physically and spiritually, for they are all intertwined.  We have been given the gift of living and taking care of ourselves therefore I have always been interested and believed in natural, non-invasive healing therapies.  I was given the dream to become a Reflexology Therapist and I easily pursued this gifting.

I trained for 12 months with the Reflexology Association of Canada. 

I have since furthered my training in Thai Reflexology through the Reflexology Association of Canada.   I have continued to study further into Vertical Reflexology and Advanced Reflexology Techniques with Anthony Porter.    I have also taken courses in Ear and Hand Reflexology, Sinus Tapping, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Muscle Response Testing.  

I am also a trained and certified Indian Head Massage Therapist.

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