" I have been seeing Gaetane since she opened for business. She has helped me get relief from migraines and other aches and pain. Reflexology relaxes me and helps me de-stress.  I have been able to better deal with problems. I am always looking forward to my next appointment ! "  M.J.

"After a treatment with Gaetane, my feet feel wonderful - no longer just lumps at the end of my legs.  I definitely recommend a try."  A.D.

"Very relaxing!  Has helped some of my bodily functions function better."  E.S.!

"My husband and I needed walkers to get around but after our first Reflexology treatment, we were able to walk better and hardly have to use the walkers. It has also helped with diabetes and our feet are breathing and moving better".  F.K.

"Reflexology for me has been amazing. Gaetane is extremely thorough in what she does.  I will never forget my first visit.  I had been suffering with a very stiff neck for almost a week and I did not mention it prior to my appointment.  Shortly after starting, she asked me if I was having neck problems.  I was shocked she could tell that from my feet.  No joke, by the next morning I was for sure 75% better and by day 2, 100%.  Thank you for all  you do.  Your hands are truly a gfit to our feet :)"  S.G.

"Reflexology helps me relax to better deal with the stress in my life."  A.H.

"I had severe, limiting, chronic back pain for 22 years; and tinnitus (ringing in ears) for 7 years.  After 18 months of Reflexology both have been gone for 3 years now, pain free !!"  S.G.

"Love Reflexology!  Total relaxation!  Better than yoga!  Wellness for the Sole --and for the soul !"  D.W. 

"Didn't know what else to try.   Stress was getting to me and was suffering with terrible headaches indigestion and pain in my feet.  To my surprise, Gaetane was able to see that on my feet.   She helped me to relax and asked me to make simple changes in my diet.   After getting Reflexology done on a regular basis, I can finally say that my feet feel better and my entire body is more relaxed and I always looks forward to my treatments."  L.S. 

"I was suffering with a long lasting cold.  Couldn't shake it. Decided to try Reflexology and was quite sceptic about it.  To my surprise, my sinuses started working better and that cold virus finally left me!  Now Reflexology is part of my monthly routine to stay well."  T.M.

"I have been seeing Gaetane for many years.  I come every month to relax and to help re-focus.  I can't imagine not having Reflexology every month.  It has helped me cope with stressful situations along with helping my body and feet feel much better.  Reflexology is part of my self care."  L.R.  


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