What is Thai Reflexology?

 Thai Reflexology is a vigorous treatment using Shea butter, Thai oil and a Thai stick.  This is an art form that originated in Thailand about 2000 years ago.  This treatment incorporates elements of Japanese shiatsu, Chinese reflexology, Chinese tuina and Ayurevedic.  Utilizing stretching, massage, thumb-walking and the use of a specifically-tooled wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points.  Asians have believed that while the heart pumps the blood to each cell and organ of the body it has more power to push the blood to the ends of the capillaries than to pull the blood back to the extremeties.  Therefore, the muscle movement of the arms and legs plays the role of a second heart to help with venous return.  When the soles of the feet lack stimulation, circulation of the blood in the feet and the legs tend to lesson.

Thai foot reflexology seeks to restore balance to the body/mind through the reflexes of the feet and lower legs that are linked to the body's 72,000 energy meridians.

This treatment's reported benefits are improved circulation in legs and hands and feet.  Improved lymphatic drainage as well as removal of waste deposits and toxins.  Elevated functioning of the immune system, reduced stiffness, improved flexibility and accelerated physical healing.  This treatment helps releave stress and improves sleeping.  One can expect mental clarity and alertness along with some energizing.

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